Vegetable seed

Vegetables picked fresh from the garden are regaining their former popularity. All you need to create a vegetable patch is a few square metres of garden. Growing vegetables is not just an enjoyable hobby - it is useful, too, as you can save money on grocery bills. Plant diverse varieties so that you can eat healthy and nutritious home-grown vegetables every day. Some varieties can even be grown in pots on the patio or decking, where they make attractive features. Bakker has a huge range of vegetable seeds, as you can see below.

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Vegetable seed

Growing your own vegetables

Growing your own veg. is a really nice hobby to have. It’s always interesting to watch seeds germinate and grow into the adult plant and really, sowing things yourself isn’t difficult at all. It’s actually also very satisfying, picking and harvesting your own home-grown vegetables.

Sowing vegetable seed

We grow vegetables by sowing the seed or planting seedlings. If you sow, you can choose to start off indoors or in a greenhouse, or straight into your garden. Outdoors, we sow in rows. Low growing varieties of veg (like spinach) doesn’t need to go in a row, you can just sow in sweeps over the whole patch you want them to grow in. Larger seeds, like beans are often planted in a heap of 3-5 beans. Fine seed is best mixed with fine, dry sand and scattered evenly and thinly.
For more tips on planting and caring for vegetable seed, check out our gardening advice pages online.

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