Waterside plants

Pond plants aren't just lovely in the garden, they're vital to a pond. Waterside plants, marsh plants and water lilies add brilliant colour to a pond. Oxygenating aquatic plants, floating plants and some water plants improve the aquatic environment and protect against algae. We divide the different types of aquatic plants into pond zones. The waterside plants are in the first zone. These are found at the outer edge of the pond. Zone 2, marsh plants, can be planted in a layer of water or in very moist soil. Water plants grow in Zone 3 and are often planted on a plateau in the pond. These plants are planted at a depth of about 40 cm. Please note: depth is calculated from the water surface. Zone 4 and 5 are for water lilies and oxygenating plants, respectively. We plant them in the deeper areas of the pond. Finally, Zone 6 is for floating plants. We place these plants on the water's surface rather than planting them in soil. The roots that grow from the leaves absorb nutrients from the water.

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