Potatoes can be harvested from the garden from June well into autumn. All you need to grow potatoes is a corner of the vegetable garden with good nutritious soil. Choose different varieties to grow so that you can compare the taste. New potatoes make a delicious treat, especially when harvested fresh from your own garden. See the newest potato varieties below.

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Potato varieties
There are lots of different varieties of potato, each with their own qualities. Choose between waxy, medium crumbly, crumbly and very crumbly potato (when boiled). A waxy potato is usually better for making chips, for boiling or for in a potato salad (but it all depends on your taste of course). Crumbly potatoes make great mash or baked potato.
Preparing potatoes
You can boil, fry, mash, deep fry or bake ‘em. Potatoes don’t really need peeled especially baked ones but do always give the skin a good scrub. If potatoes lie around for too long, the eyes can grow shoots and they can become bruised. That needs cut off before cooking your potatoes.
A potato is a tuberous crop
Potato tubers grow under the ground on the potato plant. Potatoes are full of vitamin B6 and are a source of fibre. Full of carbohydrates, potassium, protein and vitamin C. Carbohydrates are energy for our bodies. Potatoes get our intestines working well too. Potatoes have vitamins and minerals that are missing in pasta and rice (for instance).

Know your potato

  • Store dark and cool to have them last longer.
  • Use roughly 200-250 g per person when cooking.
  • You can heat up leftover boiled potatoes the next day… yum.

For more tips on planting and caring for potatoes see our gardening advice pages online.