Border packages

Setting up a new border in your garden was never as easy as this! Our ready-to-use packages come complete with garden plants, bulbs or flower seeds and will soon give you an ocean of blooms in the border or indeed in a large planter on the patio/decking. The variety of plants, bulbs or seeds in the border packs have been carefully selected for their flower and foliage colour, flowering season, height and favoured planting position. No more need to design your own border plan, leave it to us, simply order your favourite border pack and you get all you need in one single pack. How easy is that?!

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Border packages

The readymade border

You can instantly create a fantastic garden with a complete border pack. There’s a wide choice of border packages - a border pack for everyone and to suit every taste or style. Do you like butterflies? We have assembled a border pack that will really attract butterflies into the garden. Do you like your garden full of pretty plants where the colours flowers blend together nicely? Bakker has put together special borders packs for just such an eventuality. The combination of plants in our border packs ensures full growth, flowering and colour in your garden throughout the season. Our entire ready to use border packs will easily transform your garden and give you even more enjoyment!

For more tips on planting and caring for the plants in border packs, check out our gardening advice pages online.