Mushrooms and other fungi are easy to grow yourself. You don’t even need a garden for it! Anywhere really – the cellar, the shed, the bedroom – all suitable for growing mushrooms. Follow the instructions and you can have home-grown mushrooms on your plate in just a few weeks. Delicious and fresh! Order these tasty mushrooms and other edible fungi, here below.

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Grow-your-own mushrooms
All of the above-mentioned mushrooms/fungi are supplied as a grow set. Your grow set comes with a tray, a transparent lid and a layer of compost that is already covered in necessary mycelium. A different one for each type of mushroom. All the mushroom compost is pesticide free so you will be growing healthy, home-grown mushrooms and fungi.
Various types of mushrooms and fungi
You can choose from the most popular types of mushroom from - like plain white mushrooms – or you could choose French mushrooms (also known as chestnut mushrooms). The taste of French mushrooms is a little spicier than that of the white mushrooms (button). Or perhaps you prefer oyster mushrooms – they can be just as versatile as the whites for in your recipes. A grilled or baked oyster mushroom on its own is tasty too.
For more tips on planting and caring for mushrooms and fungi, see our gardening advice pages online.