Freshly picked herbs from your very own garden - that really sparks the imagination! Plant a herb garden as close to the kitchen door as possible and you will always have fresh herbs close to hand when cooking. Of course you could grow various pots of herbs on the windowsill too. Fresh herbs really add that extra touch to dishes, making things so much tastier. Herbs growing in pots look rather cute! We have a wide range of herbs for you to choose from.

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Home-grown herbs
Home-grown herbs make everything taste so much nicer. Cooking a bit bland? With your very own herb garden, you will always have fresh herbs to hand. Nip outside for a minute, pick a few herbs and voila – bon appetit! It’s that easy to have just the right fresh herbs available. Herbs add character and flavour to a dish and helps the home cook to make the most delicious meals. All herbs have their own aroma, flavour and qualities.
Types of herb
Bakker.com has a large selection of herbs to choose from. There are annuals, and biannuals. Many herbs have medicinal properties and are good for you too. Herbs were used strictly for healing purposes in ancient times and for many centuries were the only medicines. Nowadays things are different but we still like herbs.
Grow-your-own herbs
Growing your own herbs in the garden is fun to do. Fresh, home grown herbs have lots of nutrients. Growing your own herbs is very undemanding – you can do it indoors or out too. On the windowsill, on the patio/decking, or of course in the garden. Even when growing in pots though, light and air is important to your little herb plants. A nice spot in the windowsill is perfect really.
For more tips about planting and caring for herbs, go to our gardening advice pages online.