Outdoor plants in decorative pot

Looking for the most beautiful plants for the garden with a perfect matching pot? Sometimes it is difficult to find a decorative pot that's the right type and size. That is why we have made some wonderful combinations. It's easy for you to have a beautiful potted plant at home. Perfect for the empty corner in the garden, on the patio or balcony.

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Outdoor plants in decorative pot

Siting garden plants

Our garden plants with decorative pots are exactly what you need for a bare spot in the garden, on the patio or terrace. Before buying your favourite plants, first look at the amount of sunlight that the plants are going to get. Most combinations like sun, like our olive trees and citrus trees. For a garden, balcony or patio facing north, we recommend growing plants that can also grow and bloom in the shade, such as hydrangeas. If you have a garden, balcony or patio that is sunny for part of the day, consider a mix of shade- and sun-loving plants.

Caring for garden plants in flower pots

Our plant and pot combinations are easily delivered to your door. So they can go outdoors quickly. You just have to put some fresh potting soil in the pot and put the plant at the right height in the pot. After that, water immediately. Plants in flower pots often dry out a little faster than plants in open soil. Water the plants if the soil is dry. This can be once or twice a week in colder periods. This can increase to once a day when the weather is warmer. Our garden plants love water but don't like too much water at once. If water can't drain away, the plant may drown or the roots may rot. Also check out our watering products. This is how we help with wateringplants.

We feed plants with plant food fertiliser several times during the growth and flowering period. This period is from April to August. Fertilisers help the plant better ward off disease and pests, aid growth and allow some plants to bloom more. If the plant becomes diseased or infested, check out our products to fight diseases and pests.

Repotting fast-growing garden plants

The flower pot can become too small for your garden plant's roots. If this happens, it's time to repot or move the plants. We can choose a new pot, or alternatively we can also put the plant in open soil. If you choose to put the plant in a new pot, use a flower pot that is at least one pot size larger. It is important that there is a hole in the bottom of the pot. Use something to ensure that the hole does not become clogged with potting soil and the water can always drain away. We fill the bottom layer of the decorative pot with pot shards or hydrograins for good water retention. Fresh potting soil for garden plants goes on top of that. This contains new food for about 60 days. Remove the plant from the old pot and separate the roots a little, so they are loosened and easily come into contact with the new soil. Make a hole in the soil in the new pot, place the root ball at the right height in the pot and fill the hole with potting soil. Finally, water generously.

Pruning garden plants

When best to prune garden plants depends on the type of plant. It also depends on the reason for pruning. Ornamental pruning can be done at just about any time of year. There are set periods for pruning to stimulate growth. For more information about this, please visit our pruning page. When pruning, we remove dead parts or overgrown branches with sharp and clean pruning tools. This prevents nasty pruning injuries and disease.

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