Herb Seeds

Herbs from the kitchen garden capture the imagination of any cook. Our advice is to make the aromatic herb garden near the kitchen door so that these delicious fresh ingredients are close at hand when you need them. Herbs are becoming much easier to grow indoors. For example, you can grow them in a flower pot on the window sill. Fresh herbs make all dishes much tastier and after sampling your own homegrown you will be encouraged to grow even more. They look attractive too. Choose your herb seeds from the range below and you'll soon be enjoying your very own home-grown, tasty herbs.


Herb Seeds

Herb varieties

Fresh herbs make each meal even more delicious. In fact, fresh herbs are indispensable in many different meat or vegetable dishes. For example, in a Caprese salad (Italian salad) you need tomato, mozzarella and the tasty green leaves of basil. Parsley can be used in all manner of fish and meat dishes as well as sauces, and your cucumber salad is not complete without a dash of fresh dill.
In order for you to always have fresh herbs to hand when preparing the most tasty and delicious dishes, Bakker.com offers you a huge selection of herbs. It’s just so easy to make your very own herb garden and you will soon be picking your home-grown herbs. They can easily be grown in large pots on the patio or decking, or even on a windowsill. Then you’ll always have home-grown, fresh herbs to hand. Tasty!

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