Order A-quality flower daffodil bulbs from Bakker.com with 100% growing and flowering guarantee. Our daffodil bulbs have even won the Kassa prize for Best Daffodil bulbs. According to the Dutch independent test, our daffodils have the most beautiful and richest flowers. Not to mention that our pouch of daffodil bulbs contains an excellent mix for an excellent price.
All our daffodil bulbs are the largest bulbs in size. So, they produce the largest flowers.
In addition to the well-known yellow trumpet narcissus, we have eccentrics. Just like our coloured double corollas. Others seem to just stand against the wind. For those who just can't choose, we have prepared mixes. It doesn’t get any easier. We plant daffodils in hanging baskets, flowerpots or just in the garden. They go wild on their own. So, they just bloom again next year. Read all about it here: Planting daffodils.

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