Flower pots

Do you have a beautiful plant in a dull nursery pot? It could be so much nicer! Every plant deserves a matching pot or planter. To make it really easy, you can order them along with your plants. We have pots and planters. For indoor and outdoor use. Big and small. Tall and short. Sustainably produced. Great quality and long-lasting. There is something for every preference. And your plants? They'll be thankful for as long as they live.

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Flower pots

Flower pots

Many plants are perfect for placing in a flower pot. Although some claim otherwise, but all herbs, flower bulbs, perennials as well as some trees and fruits and vegetables or seeds can be grown in a pot or planter. With proper care, they will grow and bloom brilliantly. Roses are a good example of this. They can be planted in a pot, provided the flower pot is deep enough (40–60 cm). Some plants do prefer a spot in open ground. Carefully read the product information on our website.

Selecting the right flower pot

The Bakker.com range has an enormous variety of flower pots and planters. Not just in terms of materials (terracotta, stone, wood, plastic, metal, reed) as well as in terms of style, colour and dimensions. For the most attractive result, first decide what best matches the style of the garden, where it will be located and which plants will be planted in the garden. The advantage of a pot plant is that it is easy to reposition. This is no longer a heavy chore because the flower pots of Bakker.com range are mostly made of light-weight plastic! By planting the plant types that are slightly more difficult to grow, we can also give them extra attention, such as watering more or perhaps less. A large, brightly coloured flower pot at the end of a path can also be a real eye-catcher! The flower pots in our range at Bakker.com can better withstand freezing cold temperatures compared to regular clay flower pots. Freezing won't crack the pots as easily, and the plants will be better protected. The flower pots are also very stable and based on quick drainage. Some of the models even have an innovative watering system, which reduces the need to water as often. Now, that's convenient!

Planting in flower pots and planters

Planting in flower pots starts with picking out plants and pots. When picking out a flower pot, we are mindful of the fact that plants like to be in a large flower pot when outdoors. Always give plants space for optimum development. It is best to always choose a pot that is one pot size or 3 cm bigger than the nursery pot. Most plants cultivated at Bakker.com are grown in plastic pots. Leave annuals in this plastic pot when planting in an outer or decorative pot. The soil in these pots usually contains enough food to provide the plants at least one month of good development. After this month, given them additional food in the form of fertilisers when watering. Of course, the plastic pot can be removed if planting plants in open ground.
The planting process consists of the following steps. It is important that the pot has a hole. You can drill one into it if it doesn't already have one. Cover the hole with a large shard or a filter. Then put hydrograins or pot shards on top for drainage. This allows excess water to drain out. Fill the pot with fresh potting soil for the specific plant. Special potting soil is better suited to the plant's requirements. Make a large hole in the potting soil for the plant's root ball. Is the root ball very dry? Then submerge it into a container of water first. Place the root ball just below ground level, fill with potting soil and tamp it down lightly. Finally, water it.
Flower bulbs can be planted in different ways. Flower bulbs can be planted in planters outdoors or in the open ground. Planting distance between bulbs and plant depth are important. This information is always available on the product's packaging or on our website. Dig a hole for each bulb that is about twice as large as the bulb. Place the bulb in the hole with the pointed part upwards and fill the hole with fresh potting soil for flower bulbs. There are also special planting techniques such as "lasagne planting" or "flower bulb pizza". Read more about this in our article “How to plant flower bulbs

Potting on and caring for plants

When you want to transfer the plant to a flower pot (or the open ground), don't try to remove it from the nursery pot by pulling on the plant itself. Carefully slide the nursery pot off the root ball so the plant remains whole. When potting on, always put a thin layer of shards, stones or hydrograins on the bottom of the flower pot. This allows the water to drain evenly. Put potting soil in the flower pot until it is about halfway full. Place the plant in the new pot and then fill the sides with potting soil until the flower pot is full. Carefully tamp the soil down with your hands until the fresh soil is firm around the root ball. Water generously immediately after planting. Many plants in flower pots don't like it if the sun shines on the soil. So first cover the soil with little stones or moss, for example, to protect against sun and retain moisture. After that, it's important to water regularly (with plant food).

Plant and pot combinations

Finding the right flower pot for a beautiful garden or houseplant is sometimes difficult. That is why we have made some combinations for you at Bakker.com. These wonderful pairings are perfect for an empty corner in your room or in the garden. They are easily delivered to your door. All you need to do is add some potting soil and water. Then you can start enjoying our plants in decorative pots. Our plant-pot combinations can be found in the “plants in a pot” range.
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