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Succulents last a long time. They add a really different look to any interior and just look fab in our homes. They like a nice sunny spot and a lot of heat. A windowsill above the central heating won’t be a problem for these plants at all. Succulents are similar to cacti in that they originated mostly in dry desert climes and acclimatised themselves to such dry conditions. These unusual plants have the capacity to store moisture in their thick fleshy leaves and stems. This means they can go quite some time without any extra water so no harm is done if you forget to water them now and then. has a large selection of various different succulents. Whether your home is furnished classically or modern, there’s always a suitable succulent for you in there.
Looking after your succulent(s)
Succulents can withstand quite some drought and really don’t require much water. The soil in the pot can even be on the dry side. Water generously now and then, rather than with just a little bit of regularly. From spring into August, add a bit of liquid fertiliser to your watering can two or three times. Make sure extra water runs off sufficiently as water in the base of the pot will not be tolerated. Water the plant(s) less in the winter but don’t let it totally dry out. Succulents like it warm and dry with plenty of sunlight. A spot on the windowsill will be much appreciated.
Types of succulent
Succulents come in many different varieties and sizes. The most popular succulents are:
  • Kalanchoë, an easily kept flowering succulent that comes in lots of pretty shades.
  • Aloë Vera, a very trendy houseplant with surprising medical and cosmetic uses.
  • Sansieveria, an increasingly popular old-fashioned plant that is exceptionally decorative. A nice strong succulent.

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