Pond plants

Aquatic plants are indispensable in and around a pond. Water lilies will make your pond radiant. Water plants and oxygenating plants provide a biological balance in the pond and produce oxygen. This ensures clear water and a good living climate for fish. Frogs and dragonflies will be very appreciative of the resting and hiding places on and under stems or leaves. There are different types of aquatic plants. Often they are classified according to how deeply they must be planted in the pond. These classifications are known as pond zones. Usually 6 zones are designated. Bakker.com always states the plant depth in the information on the website and on the label. Please note: the depth is calculated from the water surface.
Waterside plants are the first zone and grow around the edge of the pond. These plants do not grow under water. Marsh plants (zone 2) and water plants (zone 3) grow in the water. Water lilies (zone 4) and oxygenating plants (zone 5) love deeper water. We plant them at a depth of more than a metre. Floating plants are the last zone. We place these plants on the water and meaning that they are not planted in the soil. Each aquatic plant species has its own function in the pond.

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