We need plants if we are to have a green planet. So brighten up your windowsill and get rid of the paving slabs from your garden! Every plant helps. With this in mind, we do our bit for greenery every day, to provide enjoyment for you and to give nature a helping hand. We are full of ambition and plans and we've already taken a fair few green steps forwards. But we're not quite there yet. Will you join us on our green journey?

Our green packaging 

We have transformed all of our shipping boxes. All boxes are made from recycled FSC cardboard and we use water-based ink for the printing on the boxes. We also use packing paper instead of plastic and all plants are now delivered to your door in the right size of packaging. This means that we don't need to transport our plants with as much packaging and the plants arrive happy and healthy at your door.

We have been 95% plastic-free since 2021! And we're very proud of that. We still use recycled plastic to transport our most delicate plants. Our goal is to be as green as our plants. That is why we want to use absolutely no plastic by 2025.

Green packaging
Organic products

Largest organic range has the largest range of organically grown garden plants, seeds, bulbs and tubers from the best nurseries in the Netherlands. By opting for organic products you keep the soil healthy, make insects happy and do your bit for biodiversity.

Our green partners  

Around 85% of our nurseries have a Skal certification, MPS-ABC certification or GAP environmental certificate. This means that they do their part for sustainable cultivation and are constantly working to find solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our aim is to only work with nurseries that have these certificates by 2024.  

Dutch nurseries

We only work with Dutch nurseries in an effort to keep our footprint as small as possible. This means that when you order a plant from us it will be picked up from the nursery that very same day, packaged sustainably by us in the warehouse and sent immediately. It doesn't get fresher than this! 

Ducth nurseries
Recycled pots

Pots made from 100% recycled plastic

If we're doing our best to use as little plastic as possible then of course we're not going to sell plastic pots! Apart from the Elho, because it is made from 100% recycled material. Elho is a real visionary in sustainability and makes beautiful designer pots for indoor and outdoor use.