Propagators has just the right propagator, or greenhouse for the garden or indoors. If you have a decent sized greenhouse, you can carry on gardening whatever the weather. Whether you want a big greenhouse, or a small lean-to type, or ‘just’ a propagator for bringing on your seedlings, there are lots of shapes and sizes to choose from. A propagator is perfect for starting off lots of different plants – both in the flower garden as the kitchen garden. A large one can even be used to store vulnerable potted plants from the patio/decking over the winter.

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Types of propagators

Propagators are great for starting off your own fruit, vegetables and tomatoes, or growing seedlings from flower seed, or for storing potted plants from the patio over the winter. All of them are easy to use and set up without too much difficultly. The metal framework is often epoxy-coated, and the covers are usually UV resistant polyethylene. The advantage of patio/wall propagator/greenhouses is that they take up so little space compared to a full-sized greenhouse. There’s usually always room for one on the patio/decking.

Cultivators and cultivation tables

You really don’t have much room but still want to grow seedlings and herbs? Cultivation table or a cultivation tray is perfect. Made in a sturdy plastic and usually provided with a transparent lid, they are great for using on the patio or decking or windowsill. Your very own miniature garden!

Plastic tunneling

Once your seedlings are big enough and are growing out of their propagator, they can be planted out. This is when plastic tunneling comes into its own. Plastic tunneling comes in various heights and widths.

A variety of growing sets and cultivation pots also offers a wide range of different growing sets and cultivation pots to choose from. There are ready-made sets for growing cacti, basil, an herb garden or tomatoes. A set of seed pots under a propagator lid is good – perfect for bringing on little plants in the kitchen or even the living room, on the windowsill. Of course they also look great on the patio or decking.