Growing tools

There’s just no easy way to work in the (kitchen) garden if you don’t have good tools. has a huge selection of gardening tools on offer – all durable items of best quality. Good for years of gardening fun. See our extensive selection of pressure hoses, gardening trowels, garden hoses and gardening gloves. There’s something to be found for every gardener.

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Growing tools

Gardening trowels, dibbers, planters and seeders

All of the above are indispensable in the kitchen garden. Many of these top quality gardening tools were specially designed by Bakker. Take for instance the dibber and trowel with the varnished ash handle – very functional. Using such good tools makes gardening just more fun. And have you tried the easy to use seed tapes yet? A definite gardening ‘tool’ that deserves exploration!

Hose reel, garden hose, and pressure and plant sprayers

Bakker offers you a wide choice of garden hoses available, with or without a hose reel. There is also lots to choose from plant sprays and pressure sprays – indeed for any spraying job in the garden (or home), there’s a nozzle available.
Pressure and plant sprays are used for evenly distributing various liquids, for example weed killer. A pressure spray has a fairly hard jet stream but a plant sprayer is more convenient for a gentle spray.
Pruning shears, gardening gloves and other indispensables garden tools
A good pair of garden gloves and a decent pair of secateurs are both a ‘must’ in the kitchen garden. Oh, and a cushion (or knee pads) for kneeling on – or a handy little garden stool will make things more comfortable. Problems with weeds in between the paving stones? Try this handy weed hook for cleaning them out. We also have a wide selection of cute and safe child sized gardening tools. You are at the right place to get all the tools you need for your kitchen garden, at!