Imagine this - you're cooking dinner and at the last minute you realise that you need some vegetables to accompany it. However, rather than having to leave the house, walk to the shop and spend money on a basket full of shopping, you simply need to step out of your back door and pick what you want from your vegetable plants. You'll be cooking them within minutes! Growing veg in your garden won’t only save you a trip to the shop, it will also save you money and mean that healthy and nutritious food is right on your doorstep as and when you need it. Plus, building a vegetable patch and subsequently growing them yourself will be a fun and satisfying job. Whether you are new to gardening or an expert, have acres of land or merely a patio – you can grow vegetables. Take a look through the veg plants we have for sale, including: radishes, cucumbers, beans, courgettes, lettuces, carrots and tomatoes. Choose your favourite and then you can start getting your 5-a-day straight from the garden. Vegetables picked fresh from the garden are regaining their former popularity.

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