Gladiolas are always associated with Summer. There's a reason for that: Gladiolas give a wonderful firework show in the border or in a pot on your patio or balcony – or in a vase because Gladiolas make wonderful cut flowers! You'll see all kinds of colours! It's normal to see lots of different flower shapes too, wavy and even fringed. Nowadays there are short stemmed varieties available too (mini Gladiolas) allowing them to be planted in the middle of the border. You can use them in a mix of colours as well as all in one colour or colour combination per flower. They look their best when planted in groups. Check below for your new gladiolas.

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Large flowered gladiola

Large flowering gladioli are the most well-known gladioli in the collection. A large flowered gladiola is very conspicuous with lovely big blooms. They come in many shades and varieties and lots of pretty mixes. Gladioli are not just pure gems in our gardens, they make terrific cut flowers for the vase and a bouquet too. Best time to cut them is while they are still in bud, just as the bottommost flower is opening. Leave two or three leaves on the stems too.

Miniature gladioli

The short stature of Glamini® gladiolas makes them very versatile. Of course you can have them in a flower border but potted up for on the patio or decking makes them a really welcome addition and adds cheer and colour.
Mini-glads won’t grow as tall as the large flowered gladiola so the chance of being blown over is greatly reduced. Miniature gladioli Glamini® also make a lovely cut flower.

Fringed Gladiolas

Fringed Petal Gladiolas are so-called because of the distinctive, wavy edged petals. If you love gladiola, you’re going to really love these. Fringed petal gladiolas flower for a long time, look rather exotic and also make a great cut flower. The mix on offer at contains varieties in pretty pastel shades. A lovely addition to any summer garden.
For more tips on planting the bulbs and caring for gladiola, see our gardening advice pages online.