Flower Seeds

Sowing your own garden flowers can be such fun! Germinate your own seed of your favourite plants with the most stunning flowers. When you sow your own, you can also enjoy types of plants that are not often for sale commercially. Another benefit is of course that growing from seed is usually much cheaper than buying an already grown plant. Self-sown and cultivated flowers look superb in beds and borders in among other bedding, as well as potted up for pots and planter on the patio/decking. Bakker.com has lots of different seeds on sale including lovely mixes, annuals, climbers and also seeds that are just great for the patio. Buy your seed from Bakker.com and transform your garden into a flowery oasis!

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Flower Seeds

Flower seeds for in the home and garden

The best loved and largest group of flower seeds are the mixes: bedding plants, annuals and those for patio or decking. Understandable really because there is hardly anything as easy as sowing your own seed, having a bit patience and being amazed by a colourful ocean of blooms. Here’s a few examples to ponder: geraniums (pelargoniums), petunias, pansies – all of these can make every bed, border or box a colourful sight to behold.

Sowing seed in propagators

Using a (covered) tray to sow your profusely flower paradise of flower seed is handy. Just use pots, seed trays and other covered propagators on the windowsill or in a little indoor ‘greenhouse’. Once the seedlings are big enough, they can be planted out in the garden. Do consider the handy, practical seed tape and seed pads from Bakker.com – easy to work with and all the seed is of course properly spaced already for you. Whichever seed your order from Bakker.com, success is guaranteed!
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For more tips on sowing seed and caring for seedlings, check our gardening advice pages online.