Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are unique, quite delicious and add colour to your food. Impress your dinner guests with some amazing recipes based on nasturtium, lavender syrup or chrystallised rose petals or you could serve up a salad of colourful flowers or a side dish of deep-fried flowers. There are just some many ways you can use them. They are easy to sow, and the flowers will appear within a few months to be enjoyed either in the garden or on the dining table. See below for Bakker’s surprising range.

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Edible Flowers

Edible flowers – tasty?

It’s still not well-known that there are flowers around that are perfectly edible. There are even more than you could imagine. Although of course ‘tastes differ’, they’re not equally tasty. Flowers either taste sweet, or tart and sometimes even spicy. The flowers that aren’t so tasty can always be used as edible garnish, they really brighten up a salad.

Can you eat the whole flower?

The young, newly opened flowers are by far the tastiest. As the flower gets older the taste can be less enjoyable. Not all flowers are suitable for eating and there are some that are even poisonous, so it’s very important not to take risks and to be very careful when choosing which really is edible. Very much like mushrooms and berries, only eat those that are known to be edible. All the flowers in the Bakker.com selection of edible flowers pass the test and are of course certainly fit for consumption.
For more tips on planting and caring for plants with edible flowers, see our gardening advice pages online.