Your garden may need extra watering during dry periods in spring and summer to make sure it does not dry out. However, you should remember that too much water can also be harmful. See Bakker’s extensive range for various watering solutions.

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Firstly, we have rain barrels to enable you to collect rainwater and put it to good use around the garden. Then, how about getting an aqua ring which will prevent water from draining away after you have watered a plant? We also have a range of garden watering equipment from hoses - including various attachments - to hand sprays for smaller plants and pressure sprays for larger jobs.
Our garden water sprinklers take the job out of your hands, because rather than having to walk around the garden with a hose you can place it where the garden most needs water and move it round when you are ready. While these products are all great for watering the garden they can also be used to clean your car and other garden furniture as well as being an ideal way to keep cool during the hot summer months.
Take a look at our wide range of products for watering your garden and choose the one that best suits you and your garden.