Garden Hoses

We may only have a short summer, but it's vital that you keep your garden hydrated during this period.
Water your garden and it will be alive with brightly-coloured flowers, luscious green grass and bountiful bushes. Fail to water it, however, and your grass will quickly turn dry and yellow, your flowers will wilt and die and your bushes will be left a mere skeleton of their former self.
While your garden will, of course, only require little watering during rainy conditions, when it is hot and dry it will need more regular attention. But in order to water your garden you need the right tools. While watering cans are handy, a garden hose will make the job much quicker and easier. Perfect - particularly if you have a large outdoor space.
Garden Hoses
Garden hoses may be rolled up for the majority of the year but as soon as the sun is out and the temperatures rise, it will become a tool that you require every single day. There are many to choose from, so you can find the right one for your garden, including those with extra long hoses and those that come in a wall mounted box which can be rolled-up automatically with the push of a button.
Hose Pipe Fittings
Hoses are a great addition to your garden, but while they are perfect for watering the plants they are also ideal for keeping cool in the summer and washing the car. To transform them for your required task you simply need the right fitting and we have a wide variety to choose from.
So, stop walking backwards and forwards from the tap to the plants with your heavy watering can that really doesn’t hold enough water for the job in hand and take look through our various hoses and the accessories you can have to accompany them.
You are sure to find the right one for your garden and the time you save can be spent pottering around your garden doing more productive tasks.


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