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Clematis is a well-known and very popular climber. A clematis can hide an unsightly wall or transform any garden shed or pergola into a highlight. Clematis works well with other climbers and rambling roses. Clematis is happy with its roots in the shade and the warm sun on their foliage. The clematis use their leaf petioles to climb their way upwards. There are many different flower shapes and colours. Select your favourite and enjoy these adorable flowers all summer long!
The origin of Clematis
Originally, clematis is from many parts of the world. It’s a climber that climbs by twining their leaf petiole around a support as they climb. These petioles are particularly long and seek something to cling to. Clematis is a profusely flowering plant and available from in many varieties and colours. In addition to the single coloured flowers, there are bicolored varieties and double flowering varieties.
Clematis in flower
Clematis flowering seasons vary – from March to April to the end of September, depending on the variety. Some varieties of clematis have lovely feathery seed heads (old man’s beard) after flowering. There are several early flowering and evergreen types, small-flowered and large-flowered. Some clematis flower later in the summer and lose their foliage in the winter. What you do need to know is: clematis is a hardy perennial.
Caring for Clematis
It’s not difficult to look after a clematis plant. Whether planted in the garden or in a large patio planter, a clematis will feel quite at home. Helping it to climb is essential – pergola, trellis or fencing – especially when potted up. When potted, it’s extra important to water it regularly . Clematis will always be grateful for a little fertiliser during the growing months.
Ground cover clematis
In the wild, there are clematis types that actually creep over the ground instead of climbing. If you fancy something different, you could always plant your clematis as a ground cover. Definitely unusual, and would actually look rather amazing when it’s in flower!
For more tips on planting and caring for clematis, see our gardening advice pages online.

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