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Hanging Plants

Be Green, Be Seen! If you have little or no house plants, it really is time to get some! As you will have seen in many interior design magazines and the 'Home & Garden' type television programs, being 'green' is just so todays trend. Fill your home with lots of greenery like cacti, large leafy plants and hanging plants! Hanging plants are back where they belong, top of our agenda! So nice to see one hanging over a cabinet or from a pretty hanging pot. Hanging plants are considerable space-savers in the home plus they add a natural touch wherever you hang them.

Hanging plants indoors

There's always room for a hanging plant. One of the advantages of hanging plants is that they can be used in so many different ways. Hanging plants always give a really nice effect in the higher places of the home, such as on top of a cabinet - or somewhere you just don't expect to see one. Maybe try hanging one over the side of the staircase. Just somewhere it will hang down and look attractive.

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