Wow your guests by transforming your garden, patio or decking with Bakker’s magnificent pots and planters. These timeless designer pots will bring out the best in your plants. We have pots to suit all plants, whether they are big or small, tall or low-growing. All pots and planters in the Bakker.com range are very durable and the quality is excellent, so they are an asset to any garden or patio. See our range and order your favourites!

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Herbs, bulbs and hardy perennials, as well as trees, fruit and vegetables can be grown in pots and planters. While it’s true some plants have a harder time growing in a pot than they do in garden soil, with the right care and attention, they will be sure to thrive! For instance, a rose bush will do well in a container, just as long as the pot is deep enough (40-60 cm).

Choosing the right pot

There are a huge variety of pots and planters. Not only can the material differ (terracotta, cement, wood, plastic, metal, wicker, etc.), styles can also vary enormously, as can colour and size. For best results, choose the appropriate container to match the style of your garden, where it will go, what plants it will hold and what plants you already have in the garden – consider all this before buying.
The best thing about a potted plant is, you can move it around. Bakker.com has a large collection of lightweight pots and planters – made from plastic – so they're always easy to lift! Depending on the flowering period, if you have a border full of planters and containers, you can bring those in flower to the front at all times – easy! If you pot somewhat more difficult plants to grow, it's easy to be able to give them that bit more attention. A big bright planter at the end of the path also makes an excellent eye-catcher!
Another advantage of Bakker's pots and planters, compared to earthenware varieties is the planters and window boxes will not freeze and burst and the plants are better protected from frost. Furthermore, all planters are solidly built, stable and with great drainage. Technology has even allowed an innovative, integrated watering system which means you only need to water your plants at infrequent intervals. It couldn't be easier!

Planting up your pots, planters and window boxes

Remember to choose a pot that’s big enough – plants like a bit of room, don't forget. This will help them to develop into nice healthy plants.
Most of the plants from Bakker.com have been grown in plastic nursery pots. Annual plants can usually stay in their nursery pots and just be stood in a larger, pretty planter. The soil in these pots usually contains sufficient nutrients to keep the plants growing well for at least one month. After the first month, add plant food to your watering can. If you are planting in your garden, you will need to remove the plastic pot.

Potting up and caring for your plants

When removing a plant from its pot, or digging it up, don’t pull on the plant. Carefully slide the nursery pot off the root ball to keep the plant whole. Always layer the base of the new pot with some potsherds or hydro-pellets for good, even, drainage. Now add a layer of potting compost, to about half full. Plant your plant at the correct depth, and fill up with more potting compost. Press carefully in, so the plant sits safely in the fresh potting compost. Water immediately and generously. There are a lot of plants that do not like sun on their soil so it’s a good idea to cover it with gravel or perhaps some moss if you have it. This keeps the sun out and the moisture in. It’s also important to water your plant(s) regularly and feed them too.
For more information, see our gardening advice pages on the website at www.bakker.com!
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