Buying seeds from! Guaranteed success in the garden with Bakker’s vegetables, herbs and flower seeds. With the seeds you can grow your own home grown plants. At you can buy many different seeds, such as colourful flower seeds, perennial seeds, vegetable seeds, herb and fruit seeds. Bakker’s seeds are of a very good quality and produce generous harvests of delicious vegetables and beautiful cutting flowers! Growing seeds is simple and inexpensive. Sowing can be made even easier by using seed tapes, pads or mats. Discover the extensive range and order your seeds below.

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Growing seeds
Growing vegetables, herbs and flower seeds is very rewarding. You can follow the entire process of germination from the seed to the stage of adult planting. Buying seeds is often more advantageous than buying a ready-made plant. In many cases, sowing is easier than you think! Self-sown and cultivated flowers are beautiful in beds and borders, in pots on the patio and perfect for the cut flower corner. Vegetables and herbs naturally deserve a place in the vegetable garden, flower pots and planters on the patio.

Types of seeds
Seeds are in all shapes, sizes and colours. The smallest seed is hardly visible to the naked eye, for example that of the orchid. The largest seed is 40 cm long and weighs 40 kilos, it is the palm 'Coco de Mer'. The seeds are often hidden in a fruit, or you find them in a pod or in a seed box. There are seeds that are very germicidal, other seeds can wait years for the correct conditions before they germinate. The seed you buy in a packet is in most cases untreated, it will easily germinate. There is also seed that has been specially treated for quick germination and pellet seed with a coating so that the seed is bigger and easier to sow. Seeds processed in tapes or mats are extra easy to sow. The seeds are adhered to the correct spacing of soluble material.

For sowing
Most plants are sown in spring, you will find the correct sowing time on the packet. Annual flowering plants, vegetables and herbs can be sown in seed trays on the window sill in March or April, so you have earlier results in the garden. Many species also need some heat to develop well, so it is best sown in a warm place, sometime from January. The required germination temperature is often indicated on the packaging.

For more tips on seed planting and maintenance take a look at our garden advice pages

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