Cabbage is a highly diverse group among vegetables. has selected the best varieties. They are easy to grow and guarantee a nutritious meal in summer and winter. Cabbage should be on every gardeners growing list with a space reserved in the garden for healthy cabbages. Although, they can also be grown in large pots on the patio. Choose your favourite varieties for the coming season from the range below.

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Cabbage and your health

Cabbage is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamins C and K. You can eat as much as you want without the fear of putting too much weight on, as cabbage is very low in calories. Research has proven that steamed cabbage is better for you than raw or boiled cabbage – it contains more antioxidants. Cabbage also contains lots of fibre.

Preparing and cooking cabbage

Cabbage can be enjoyed in so many ways! Freshly prepared is so tasty (whichever variety), but you should also try it in soup. Cabbage also lends itself well mixed with other chopped vegetables in a stir fry and you can really enrich a nice salad with freshly chopped and sliced cabbage. It was always assumed that the cabbage family was a winter vegetable but in summer it is hard to beat fresh cauliflower, delicious stir fried broccoli, or how about spring cabbage and boiled mashed potatoes?
There are enough brassica on offer at to suit everyone’s taste.
For more tips on planting and caring for cabbage varieties, check our gardening advice pages online.