Lettuce is known as one of the favourite leafy vegetables. Versatile and healthy, a vegetable for your daily menu. If you sow a row of lettuce seeds every three weeks, you can harvest fresh crops all summer long. Bakker.com has many varieties on offer. They are very easy to grow and can also be grown on the patio or decking. Of course, if you have a greenhouse this will considerably extend the growing season. Choose from Bakker's extensive range and enjoy lettuce throughout the season.



Varieties of lettuce

There are many varieties of lettuce. At Bakker.com you can choose from leafy lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, corn salad, romaine (cos) lettuce, curly lettuce and oak leaf lettuce. There are such a huge number of varieties, including many with red leaves which certainly adds colour to your plate. There is also a wide choice of flavours. One thing’s certain, lettuce isn’t boring!

Leafy lettuce

A leafy lettuce is one that is grown the most, plus it’s one of the easiest to grow. Popular for the large, non-hearting heads, the leaves are, large and green, with a tender flavour. The leaves in the centre are more compact and pale yellow. Leafy lettuce can be eaten raw in salads or sandwiches.

Iceberg lettuce

The correct name should actually be Ijssla, due to the fact that it used to be transported to markets covered with ice. Icebergs form a nice tight head. The leaf is nice and firm and deliciously crunchy. The taste is a little spicier compared to a leafy lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is usually eaten raw but can also be blanched before eating.

Corn Salad

Corn Salad does not form a head, it has bright green loose leaves. Corn salad has a nutty, soft taste and mixes well with other salad leaves. Attractive used as a garnish. It can also be eaten hot, cooked very quickly – steamed or added to soup at the last minute. Corn salad is tasty and good for you!

Romaine (Cos) lettuce

Romaine lettuce is also called Cos lettuce. This is an old variety, cultivated by the ancient Egyptians. The romaine lettuce grows with upright leaves, and by tying the leaves at the top, the heart remains pale and tender. The leaves are large, coarse in structure and dark green in colour.

Curly Lettuce

Curly lettuce is a variation of leafy lettuce with frilly edges. It’s crunchy, tender and longer lasting in the fridge than other leafy lettuce. The leaves resemble those of the endive. Known varieties of this lettuce are ‘Lollo rossa’ and ‘Lollo bionda’.

Oak Leaf lettuce

Oak leaf lettuce is well-named as the leaves really do resemble the shape of an oak leaf. This lettuce grows in a very loose head and in most cases has a reddish brown colouring, although there is also a green leafed variety. Oak leaf lettuce leaves are tender and soft with a mild, nutty taste. Lovey to use as a garnish.

For more tips on planting and caring for lettuce, check our gardening advice pages online.

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