What are the possibilities to pay for my order?

You can pay with your credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

How can I use my voucher/discount code?

Do you have a voucher/discount code from that you want to use on your order? This code can be added during the check out when you chose your payment method. Please fill in the code in the indicated text bar.

Please note: only 1 discount code can be entered per order and each discount code can be used only once.

Can I add a discount code after I have placed my order?

Unfortunately after placing the order, it is not possible anymore to add the discount code. Of course you can use the discount code again for a next order. Only when you have not used it yet and if it is before the end date. 

My discount code is not working, what to do?

Check the validation on the end date of your discount code. Next to that you can only use a specific discount code once and add only one discount code on one order. If it still does not work, please contact us via the support button (at the bottom right corner of the website).

I have not received an invoice, what to do? 

Normally you will find the invoice in the box, however it could occur that it is missing. In that case, please send a message via the support button (at the bottom right corner of the website) to request a digital invoice.

My invoice is incorrect. What can I do?

We try to minimize the chance that your invoice is incorrect. If it is still the case, please send us a message via the support button (at the bottom right corner of the website) for the easiest support or you can contact us by phone: 0113 2375580

I have received a payment reminder, but I have already paid

It may of course be that the payment reminder has crossed with a recent payment. In that case you don't have to do anything.

If payment has been made a long time ago, check the bank details to which you have transferred to be sure. Our IBAN number is: GB06FTSB40625220026917 and BIC: FTSBGB2L

If all this is correct, please contact us via the support button (at the bottom right corner of the website) and we will gladly look with you.

I have received a message from a collection agency, what now?

In that case, contact the collection agency. They are handling the outstanding amount (s) and have all the information. 

Can I change my payment method after a place my order?

Unfortunately this is not possible, when you have placed an order, we will process your order very quickly. Therefore it cannot be changed anymore.

Do I recieve a giro collection form with my order?

There wil be no Giro collection form with your order. You can pay accordingly with a Bank Transfer.

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