Warranty & quality

What is the warranty for products?

We treat our green products with the most possible care. Special attention is paid throughout the development and growth from the root untill the plant is grown. This way we try to ensure that the products you buy are in perfect state and health.

The statutory warranty applies to all items that you purchase from us. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must function in the way the consumer can reasonably expect from it. A factory warranty also applies to some of our products.

  • On all flower bulbs and seeds Bakker offers a one (1) year growth and flowering guarantee.
  • On all houseplants, hardy plants, bushes, bare rooted and trees Bakker offers a six (6) months growth and flowering guarantee.

You receive a one-year warranty on all other products supplied.

Frost damage
Damage to products due to frost (if you leave a non-hardy plant outside in the frost) is not covered by the warranty.

What is the quality of the flowerbulbs?

Bakker is a member of the Stichting Kwaliteitskeurmerk Holland Selection and is therefore among the best suppliers of bulbs and perennials. All delivered flower bulbs and perennials are of such high quality that we give our customers a 100% flowering guarantee.

The bulbs are evaluated for quality, species and colour correctness, size and health, among other things. This way we can guarantee you that the flower bulbs you order from Bakker.com will flower, and we also give a growth and flowering guarantee for up to 1 year for this product.

Is a certificate required for bulbs if I take them abroad?

In every country they hand another procedure to take bulbs with you. Sometimes you need a certificate as well. We do not provide these certificates. 

Does Bakker.com have a quality mark? 

Bakker.com is a member of the Stichting Kwaliteitskeurmerk Holland Selection and is, therefore, one of the best suppliers of flower bulbs and perennials. All flower bulbs and perennials are of such a high quality that we give our customers a 100% flowering guarantee.

The bulbs are assessed on quality, species, color fastness, size and health. That is why we can guarantee a 100% growth and flowering guarantee.

What is the quality of the trees, plants and shrubs?

At Bakker.com we supply two different groups:

Ground products
When products are full-grown they will be replaced and cleaned from the garden by the grower. After that they will be stored in cold rooms at the right temperature and humidity. Each specie has their own treatment, also in the amount of temperature. The rooms are constantly checked for the best temperature for the resting stage of the relevant species. Because of that the products will keep the amount of quality. This ensures that these crops only grow again when they arrive at the homes of our customers.

Grown in containers
To keep products in the best condition, they are kept at the grower until they are ordered. After ordering are being transported to Bakker.com and delivered to customers as quickly as possible. The advantage of thi is that they can be planted all year round. Bakker.com carries out quality controls throughout the storage procedure to ensure our quality standard.

What is the quality of the seeds?

Our seeds have been certified by NAK horticulture, which stands for the Dutch General Inspection Service for Horticultural Products. This is the official Dutch Horticulture inspecation, which performs checks on all seed companies.
The seed extraction process is a time-consuming and accurat. The seeds are dried and stripped of all sorts of loose plant material.

What is the quality of house plants?

We deliver house plants which have been grown with the highest care and to the highest standards. The life span of houseplants depends on the variety, care and conditions of the plant. House plants with a flower or several flowers each have their own specific characteristics and their flowering time. For more information and details please take a look at the product information on the specific houseplant where you are looking for. 

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