What are the benefits of a MyBakker account?

With a MyBakker account you can:

  • Easily view the status of your order.
  • Get extensive insights into your order history.
  • Have quick access to products that are stored in your shopping basket.

How can I create an account?

Click here to create a new account.

How can I log into MyBakker Account?

Click here to login. You can change your personal details yourself by logging in and changing your account.

I forgot my password, what to do?

Have you forgotten your password? No problem. Click here to request a new password.

I requested a new password and haven't received an e-mail. What to do?

Within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail from us to create a new account. If this e-mail is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If the confirmation e-mail also did not end up in your spam folder, please send us a message using the support button (at the bottom right corner of the website).

I would like to change my e-mail address, how can I do that?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at this moment. We are working on making this possible in the future. You can create a new account with your an other email address.

I want to delete my MyBakker account, how can I do that?

Unfortunately you cannot delete your account online. You can send us a message using the support button (at the bottom right corner of the website) and we will delete it for you. 

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