Fertilising, to get a pretty garden

A pretty garden needs to be well maintained. In order to get strong, healthy plants and trees, regular fertilising is very important. If you fertilise your garden, you will get a healthy, nutritious soil that will grow a pretty, bushy plant that will flower for longer and keep healthy foliage. And not just plants in the garden either, but potted plants indoors or out also need regular extra feeding in order to thrive. Choose the right fertiliser for the right plant and spoil them with some extra plant food.

There’s a trick to getting lovely, full plants

All plants have their own personal nutrient requirements. Bakker has even developed some of these special fertilisers – you can find them in the assortment. To get the best and loveliest results, some plants do require food that is just that bit more attuned to their particular requirements.

There’s a trick to getting lovely, full plants

Special fertilisers for special plants

Besides an all-purpose fertiliser, Bakker has developed special fertilisers like rose fertiliser, fruit and berry fertiliser and strawberry feed. That is, if you want abundantly flowering and healthy rose bushes, fruit trees and berry bushes and strawberries too! We also developed specially formulated kitchen garden fertiliser which is perfect for growing strong, healthy leafy vegetables and tomato plants. For healthy leafy plants and grass, you need even more nutrients in the fertiliser. You can find these extra nutrients in for instance dried manure pellets.

For more, special types of fertiliser, such as liquid houseplant feed and special plant food for your pot plants, check our wide assortment of organic fertilisers.

Different types of fertiliser

Your plants will grow strong if you feed them well. They will be more abundant and give you a bigger harvest besides. Bakker has a wide and varied selection to choose from in either 100% organic, or mineral fertilisers.

Organic fertiliser: Besides well-rotted (cow) manure, there’s garden compost, peat, and of course garden soil and potting compost involved in organic fertiliser. These are all made up of organic materials which is intended to enrich and improve your soil so that your plants will grow better. A regular mulch of organic material is really rather important to your garden.

Different types of fertiliser

Bacteria, fungi and worms all help to break down this organic material and turn it into humus. The best thing about organic fertiliser is that all the nutrients are only gradually released into the soil for the plant to absorb. They are not ‘shocked’ into growth as can indeed happen with chemical fertilisers.

Mineral Fertiliser:

A mineral fertiliser is all about food for the plant and will not influence the soil or the organisms living in there. As the nutrients from this mineral fertiliser are immediately absorbed by the roots, it all goes directly to your plant(s). A plant will grow faster with mineral fertiliser. This means you must be precise in the dosage required. It has a balanced composition, aimed at specific requirements of specific plants. You can always find the ratios listed exactly on the packaging. Excessive use of mineral fertiliser will only damage the plant(s).

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

The three most important elements needed in an organic fertiliser are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Each individual type of plant has it’s own ratios required in order to grow and flourish to its best ability. Nitrogen stimulates growth. Phosphorus is good for flowering, setting fruit and growing a new and healthy root system and tubers. Potassium encourages a plant to grow sturdy, abundant roots, tubers and fruit. Potassium also helps the plant transport food and water, giving the plant more resistance to pests and diseases.

After you fertilise, it’s important to water sufficiently in order to spread the nutrients throughout the soil and allow the roots to absorb everything they need, easily and gradually. It’s a good idea to fertilise on a cloudy day when rain can be expected.

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