Artificial fertiliser

Mineral fertilisers are produced artificially. They encourage strong, vigorous growth in all plants. Artificial fertilisers can be dissolved in water, enabling rapid absorption by the plant. They are easy to apply evenly and can be administered several times during the growing season. To ensure optimum plant nutrition, mineral fertilisers can be used in combination with organic fertilisers.

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Artificial fertiliser

Types of chemical fertilisers out there

It does depend on your own preference but there are plenty of different types of artificial fertiliser to choose from. All types of chemical fertilisers from are of premium quality and all have the correct mix of important nutrients required by the plants, shrubs and other garden occupants. Regular fertilisation will give you stronger plants, more vigorous growth, more profuse flowering and a bigger crop of bigger fruits.

Using artificial fertiliser

Chemical fertiliser is great for all garden plants, potted plants and houseplants. It is made in laboratory conditions, as opposed to organic fertiliser which of course is made in the most natural way (think compost heap). Organic fertiliser is made up of animal manure and plant remains. Chemical fertiliser is a valuable source of food for all greenery, in and around the home.