If you want healthy trees and plants in your garden, you need to apply fertiliser at regular intervals. Good feeding is necessary for strong plants, rich flowering and bumper harvests. You can choose from the 100% organic fertilisers or the mineral rich (artificial) fertilisers. Potted plants indoors or on the patio/decking need regular extra feeding too. Choose the right feed for the right plant and treat your plants to some extra feeding.

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Why we need to fertilise

To thrive, every thing that grows – like plants, shrubs and trees, need nutrients as well as water and light – so they can grow and flourish and give us fruit. Bakker.com has a wide selection of fertilisers. There are organic fertilisers, chemical (artificial) fertilisers, soluble fertilisers, and also liquid fertilisers that can all be given to our plants. There are of course special fertilisers for houseplants – from cacti to bonsai.

Organic fertiliser

This consists of 100% organic ingredients or either plant or animal origin. Nutrients from organic fertiliser are gradually released into the soil, over a longer period. This helps the plant grow naturally and to the best it can manage. Organic fertiliser not only feeds the plants, it improves soil structure, in turn helping increase soil organisms. The easiest way to add organic fertiliser is to used dried manure pellets. One spray with the garden hose (or of course rain) and the nutrients will immediately be transported to the root system.

Chemical (artificial) fertiliser

This is produced in the lab. but can of course also achieve strong and vigorous growth in crops. Chemical fertilisers are easily spread and have the added advantage of being able to use them several times over the season. Gives plants a real boost but won’t actually improve the soil at all.

Special types of fertilisers

Most plants show improvement and react positively to a universal plant food. There are also some plants and varieties that can always use a bit extra. Bakker.com has special plant foods available for tomatoes, roses, strawberries, flowering plants and for lawns. If you are looking for one particular special plant food for your bulbs, palm trees, container (potted ) plants or leafy plants, check Bakker.com for their extensive selection of special fertilisers!