Ornamental grass & bamboo fertiliser 1 kg - Pokon

Ornamental grass & bamboo fertiliser 1 kg - Pokon

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The healthiest bamboo and ornamental grasses! That's what you will get with ornamental grass and bamboo fertiliser from Pokon. Take care of your plants throughout the year with these high-quality fertiliser pellets—enough for about 25 plants. The fertiliser contains minerals, zeolite and algae. This Pokon fertiliser contains enough fertiliser for 120 days. Therefore, you only need to feed three times a year.
That’s how to get a garden full of beautiful and healthy plants!
Instructions for use can be found in the Details.
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Ornamental grass & bamboo fertiliser 1 kg - Pokon

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Sustainably packed with recycled packaging material
Fresh from the nursery
Delivered within 7 days
Largest product range of organic plants
Guarantee: 2 years

Usage instructions: 1. Add fertiliser on a weekly basis from February to the end of October.2. Shake the pack well before use. 3. Use the yellow cap to measure out the right amount of fertiliser. Use 20 ml of fertiliser per 1 litre of water. 4. Add the plant fertiliser to the water. 5. Rinse cap and watering can well after use.


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