PlantGrow 100% natural plant food 1 L

PlantGrow 100% natural plant food 1 L

100% natural, 0% chemicals
Made of plants, for plants. We give our beautiful plants 100% natural plant food from PlantGrow. The vegan plant food doesn't contain any chemicals and is also safe for pets.
PlantGrow plant food is a liquid fertiliser. Made of 3.5% Nitrate (nitrogen), 1.8% Phosphate pentoxide (P2O5) and 5.3% Potassium. This ratio promotes plants' growth and nourishes the soil. The liquid is very easy to use. We dilute 100 ml of the liquid with 5 litres of water and apply it using a watering can. We use the plant food once a week for the best result.
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PlantGrow 100% natural plant food 1 L

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Largest product range of organic plants
Guarantee: 2 years


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