Patio and balcony plants has a special selection of garden plants for your balcony or patio. Well-known patio and balcony plants include lavender, olive trees, citrus trees, hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Put the loveliest plants and flower bulbs in a pot on your patio or balcony. Don't have much space for plants on your balcony or patio? Then consider climbing plants like clematis or plants in hanging pots.

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Patio and balcony plants

What plant fits with my patio or balcony?

To decide on the ideal plant for your patio or balcony, think about how much sun your patio or balcony gets. Does your balcony or patio face north? Then it doesn't get much sun and you should go for plants that can survive in shade. This includes rhododendrons or hydrangeas. A south-facing patio or balcony gets plenty of sun, which citrus trees and olive trees love. We also take the winter-hardiness of plants into consideration. Do you want to leave your plants outside all year? Then they have to be able to handle a cold winter.

Planting patio and balcony plants in decorative pots

Most patio and balcony plants are cultivated in a pot so most can be planted all year long. Evergreens can certainly be planted all year. For plants that lose their leaves, the best periods are spring or summer. When replanting, we remove the nursery pot from the root ball, except in the case of annuals. If the root ball is very dry, it can be dipped in a bucket of water so the roots can absorb water well. Fill the decorative pot or planter with hydro grains for good water circulation and then with fresh potting soil. Then put the plant at the right height in the flower pot. If planting multiple plants in one planter, pay close attention to the distance between plants.

Water and food

In general, fresh potting soil contains food for about 60 days. After this time, we can add organic fertiliser or artificial fertiliser to stimulate the plant's growth. Do this about twice a year during the period of growth and blooming. By using the proper fertiliser, the plants become stronger so they can better withstand diseases and pests. It can also help flowering patio and balcony plants bloom better and for longer.
Besides food, water is obviously very important. As potted plants get sun from different angles, they tend to dry out more quickly than plants in open ground. After planting it's especially important to water sufficiently. Then we water the plants about once a week, provided rain doesn't do it for us. On really hot days, water the plants daily. Make sure the water can drain from the pot. If a layer of water stays in the pot, the plant's roots can rot.
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