How to turn your garden into a wellness resort

How to turn your garden into a wellness resort

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A wellness resort is the best place to completely unwind — soak up some sun and then cool off in the swimming pool. It's the perfect holiday for recharging your batteries. Did you know that you can get this holiday feeling much closer to home — in your own garden? Planning out the right plants will make you feel just like you're walking into a wellness resort when you step into your garden.

On holiday in your own garden

Wellness gardens have become even more popular in the last few years than ever before. More and more people want a place where they can unwind close to home. The garden is the perfect place for this. With lots of water features and plants with calming colours, this trend is all about peace and serenity. Light and dark shades of green are swapped out for pastel colours. For instance, you could opt for a border with light pink and purple gladioli interspersed with springy feather reed grass. It's also very important to plan the layout of your garden. Create peace and space with clean lines, for example by making a border, or even by creating separate nooks in the garden. One minute you're sunbathing in your own "tanning salon" and the next you're cooling off in the swimming pond. Make the nooks feel cosy with bamboo plants or ornamental grasses. One option is the non-invasive bamboo fargesia. This hardy bamboo plant reaches between one and a half to two and a half metres and won't spread wildly. Ideal for a little privacy. The Fargesia robusta 'Jiuzhaigou' has beautiful red bamboo branches that will help you to relax.

Enjoy the sun and get your fill of greenery

You really must include a sitting and sunbathing nook in your garden. Recharge your batteries here after a long day of working or on a warm holiday day and get a nice tan while you do. You can easily recreate the colours of the sun when you plant. We suggest going with peaceful colours to keep the zen atmosphere. Hydrangeas are an excellent choice. Mix and match the hydrangeas with flower bulbs in pastel colours such as dahlias, gladioli and of course ornamental grasses. As well as making a great border, these also look wonderful in a bouquet on a table. These plants and flowers are lovely as cut flowers in a vase to brighten up your lunch.

Tropical plants help you get that genuine holiday feeling back. A nice fan palm or an olive tree can transform your garden into a tropical resort in no time. You can use the palm's fans to help you cool down a little. If you prefer an Asian style, the Japanese maple and Japanese blood grass will be perfect for your garden. These plants show off their most gorgeous colours as the sun goes down. It's breathtaking when the orange sun hits the red leaves of the maples and blood grass.

Cool off in your swimming pond

Time for a refreshing dip. You simply can't have a wellness garden without a swimming pond. You can make the pond as big or small as you like. Will you choose a jacuzzi pond or a genuine swimming paradise? It's entirely up to you. A swimming pond is more than just a nice place to cool off — it's also far easier to maintain than a swimming pool. The aquatic plants keep your pond clean and clear. Of course, oxygenating plants are an incredibly important part of this, as they absorb carbon dioxide from the water and convert it to oxygen, meaning there's no chance of algae developing To finish off the pond nicely and make it part of your wellness resort, you can put waterside plants around the edge of the pond. These tropical plants will cover up the plastic edges with beautiful greenery. Don't you fancy a swim now?

The final touch for that wellness feeling

The wellness experience isn't complete without delightful scents. The aroma of lavender has relaxing properties. Do you have a sauna in your garden? Cut a few branches from the eucalyptus tree and hang them in the sauna. Not only does this smell wonderful, but it also really opens your airways. After sweating in the sauna, you deserve a drink. A cool glass of lemonade made with lemons, cucumber and mint is the perfect way to cool down.

Do you want to create a wellness resort in your own garden? Get started now! Take a look at our wide range of garden plants. These plants will help you get started.

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