Garden trends for 2022

Garden trends for 2022

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With everyone spending more time at home at present, there is more emphasis on the design of your living quarters and outdoor spaces, with these outdoor areas now being seen as an extension of your living rooms. Isn't it just amazing, getting a breath of fresh air in your flower-filled garden or on your beautifully designed balcony during your lunch break? Be inspired by the three garden trends for 2022 and make your outdoor space even more welcoming! 

Trend 1: Wellness Bubble 

There is nothing we like to do at home more than relax. We put a lot of energy into our health and our living environment. This trend features lots of soft shades and round shapes, open planting, and natural barriers. The colour palette features pastel and earthen tones such as light green, soft yellow, lilac, and beige, which helps us to relax. 

Which plants do you see in this trend? 

Opt for Aloe vera for a fresh look. This impressive plant exudes tranquillity, requires little care, and has a healing effect. Lavender and eucalyptus are also indispensable plants in a wellness-themed garden. The gorgeous fragrances make you feel like you are in a luxury spa. As a bonus, the scent of eucalyptus helps to repel mosquitoes. This lets you enjoy your garden in peace. 

Ornamental grasses, such as pampas grass or mondo grass have a softening effect. Combine them with different flowers of varying heights to create an interesting overall appearance. Ornamental grasses are at their best during autumn. By combining plants that flower at separate times, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space all year round.  

Bamboo exudes strength and peacefulness. You can use these plants as a hedge to shield the garden from the busy outside world. Take the Fargesia, for example; this is the perfect hedge plant for your relaxed garden. 

Garden accessories 

When decorating your outdoor space, start with soft shapes, light colours, and natural materials. Think of pots in natural shades and rounded corners or reed baskets.  

Trend 2: Bright and Breezy 

We need some care-free enjoyment more than ever. Where better to find that than in a garden full of cheerful colours? This trend sees gardens that are not set out in rows, but with a colourful collection of blooms and flowering plants. This way, not everything has to be overly organised and perfect — less maintenance, more relaxation! 

Which plants do you see in this trend? 

Brightly coloured borders and pots full of lots of flowers—including cut flowers—and plants is what this trend is all about. It is a feast for the eyes! Even better, you are not the only one who will love it — the bees and butterflies will thank you as well.  

You can plant flower bulbs for a wow effect but do pay attention to their flowering period. Throw them into your border at random and place them into the ground where they land. Alternatively, plant them in groups. Vary the variety, colour, and height to keep the playful feeling.  

Border packages are not only easy to make the most of, but they also have a spectacular effect on your outdoor space. Select a colourful assortment of flowering greenery, then all you must do is put it in the ground. Complete the picture with bright yellow or bright pink sunflowers and various ground cover plants, such as Calystegia and creeping phlox.  

The lily really lives up to this trend. Its beautiful shapes and colours give it a mysterious appearance. Lilies are ideal as cut flowers, so you can also brighten up your living room with greenery. 

To give us a final boost of positive energy, group together several flower pots planted with brightly coloured flowering plants combined with evergreens.

Garden accessories 

New developments and innovations also influence your interior design, and green is no exception. This is becoming increasingly possible. Think of combinations that you might previously have been wary of but that are now trending: flower pots made of rattan or webbing, or that have a playful appearance. The colour palette comprises cheerful and powerful colours, such as blue, pink and orange, interspersed with brighter accents. This trend is characterised by distinctive elements and colours. Practical plastic, granite and coloured glass are materials that are perfectly suited for the Bright and Breezy trend.  

Trend 3: Traditional Sentiment 

Here, we are looking for familiarity and tradition — not everyone is crying out for change. This trend features rich colours and classical planting — nostalgic but with a modern twist. Mix the new with the old, keeping to straight lines and staying in control. 

Which plants do you see in this trend?

Flowering plants that last for multiple years are always ideal candidates for this theme, as is a collection of plants from one species. Think of the hydrangea, which comes in various guises — you can (almost) always count on this extraordinarily strong plant.

Evergreen shrubs fare well within a traditional outdoor space. The buxus, conifer and Photinia are essential for the overall picture and will decorate the garden year after year.  

Of course, there is no way you could forget the rose. The beautiful flowers also spread a lovely fragrance. Select different varieties — standard roses to go in clusters of pots and peonies for open ground.  

To add some variety, let climbing plants grow up a bare wall, fence or pergola. Climbing plants are also perfect if you are looking for a natural way to create a bit more privacy. Think of the Clematis, passionflower, or the Tuscan Jasmine, which has a wonderful scent.  

Garden accessories 

The colours that come up repeatedly in this trend are soft pastel shades such as dusky pink and cream. These are contrasted with rich colours such as dark red and olive green for a surprising combination of new and old. In terms of materials ceramics, natural stone, and darker shades of wood all come to the fore.  

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