Six tips for creating an enchanting desert garden!

Six tips for creating an enchanting desert garden!

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The desert garden is quite probably the most original garden trend of the moment. This garden trend is inspired by the Middle East and is perfect for a warm summer. Transport yourself to a wild desert with gravel paths, large cacti and stunning desert plants.

Don't have green fingers? Then this trend is perfect for you because desert plants don't require much care. Use these six tips to create a genuine desert vibe in no time.

1. Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are a must-have for your garden and are perfect for combining with other types of desert plants. Hearing the wind blow through the ornamental grass in the evening when all is still will transport you to the peace of the desert. You can opt for a drooping ornamental grass with narrow overhanging leaves or, for example, for the silver grass 'Gracillimus', featuring green leaves with a white stripe down the centre. The Pampas grass 'Evita' is considered to be one of the most beautiful ornamental grasses. The white plumes add a playful effect to the garden. If you would prefer something a little more unique, why not try blue ornamental grass! The 'Cool as Ice' Festuca glauca has blue-grey leaves and looks amazing among all of your green plants.

2. Desert plants

All desert plants have one thing in common: they need very little water. Aloe vera, succulents and cacti might come to mind, but yuccas also come directly from the desert and flourish in hot, dry conditions. You can confidently place a yucca outside in the summer months. However, the leaves need some time to get used to their new surroundings. Place the yucca in the shade at first and over a five day period move it to an area in the sun for an hour longer each day.

For a bit of extra colour you can choose some desert flowers: cone flowers, salvias or stonecrops. These flowers mostly bloom in the spring and summer.

3. Gravel, wood or sand

Unfortunately you will never see a lush lawn in a desert. Quite the opposite! In fact, the lack of grass is exactly what makes the desert garden so unique. Luckily, you can easily replace the lawn with sand or with a gorgeous wooden platform or patio. Lay out winding gravel paths for an instant desert effect. Don't forget to place a few large stones throughout the garden —beside a fetching cactus if you can—and your desert landscape is complete.

4. Colours and decoration

Using specific colours to decorate your garden will make it look like a desert in no time. These include, for example, warm sandstone colours, burnt oranges, light browns and pink terracotta colours. Avoid bright colours at all costs. Combine all of these colours with large, white furniture, a pretty, whitewashed wall and some large terracotta or rattan outdoor pots. A hammock, fire pit or swimming pond will complete the picture.

5. Create a shaded area

You need a shaded area in your desert garden because the sun shines constantly in the desert. Escape the sun under a large pergola or a nice shade canopy — not only are they functional, they also add to the atmosphere. A must-have for a chic desert garden.

6. 1,001 Nights

Our idea of a desert garden will often overlap with or be combined with an atmosphere reminiscent of the tales found in 1,001 Nights. If you like a bit of colour, a tiny touch from Morocco won't go amiss. Choose classic sky blue or crimson and combine with gorgeous mosaic table tops, windlights, lanterns and fountains. Don't forget to include the distinctive low benches with beautifully coloured, shimmering cushions!

Do you want to make a start with your desert garden? Take a look at our range of ornamental grasses and our indoor plants for outdoors to discover our amazing desert plants.


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