On holiday in your very own tropical Balinese garden

On holiday in your very own tropical Balinese garden

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Who needs to holiday in Bali? With a Balinese garden you can enjoy that holiday vibe every day. This tropical garden has it all — a sunny, energetic atmosphere combined with a calming, restful feel. Select the right plants, colours and shapes and your own exotic island is within grasp. We can help you to turn your garden into a tropical resort.

Calming colours

Bali is renowned for its tropical rainforests, sandy white beaches and blue sea. You can incorporate these calming colours into your own Balinese garden too. And why not reflect the wooden hues of the jungle in your garden fencing and furnishings? With trellis work made from bamboo matting, for instance, or a wooden pergola. You might also opt for a wooden terrace or patio. A hammock hung between wooden posts is the perfect way to create that Balinese flavour. The ideal place to relax and read a book in summer. A white hammock and maybe some white flower pots will mimic the colour of sand. Add some subtle ornamental grasses to the flower pots and perhaps some purple mangave and you have your tropical white sandy beach. And, of course, no holiday in the sun would be complete without a refreshing dip — which you can enjoy in your very own swimming pond. To really ramp up that subtropical feeling, adorn your pond with exotic aquatic plants and a mini waterfall. Oxygenating plants are essential for keeping your pond healthy. These plants will keep algae at bay and the water lovely and clear. If you want to create a koi pond, place your oxygenating plants in a separate container otherwise the koi will eat the plants. Do you like the sound of a swimming pond? If so, keep this rule in mind: one bunch of oxygenating plants per 1,000 litres of water. That is the way to keep your swimming pond clean and refreshing. And don't forget the all-important water lily in the centre to add a little colour and cheer to the pond. Add waterside and marsh plants at the edges of your pond for a smooth transition. Choose beautiful exotic plants so that your pond continues the Balinese theme.

Plants can make all the difference

Any Balinese garden needs tropical plants and cheerful flowers. Start by framing your garden. Bamboo makes a wonderful garden fence. The non-invasive bamboo Fargesia is certainly a perfect choice. Plant it against the trellis work and create little nooks in your garden. This type of bamboo will never grow out of control. Palms are another important addition to your garden, turning it into a tropical holiday resort. Add some banana plants too and it will feel just like you're in Bali. The foundation of the garden should be a neat lawn with natural lines. This will tie in beautifully with the tropical plants, with everything merging together as one. Create little paths across the lawn to the pond, a seating area and the beach. Finish off the edges of the path with ferns, bromeliads and mangave for an exotic effect.

A lot of Balinese gardens also have patios or pergolas — the ideal place to cool off on a hot summer's day. You could even add a splash of colour to the wood used for the pergola or patio. A lick of paint is one way to add colour, but we prefer to use flowering plants. Flowering climbing plants such as clematis and passiflora are a good option. These climbing plants have a topical hue and you can even use the flowers for decoration — on a table or in a cocktail, for instance. A fuchsia in a hanging pot will look lovely on the edges of the pergola.

Are you ready to start creating your Balinese garden? Take a look at our extensive range of garden plants right now and order your favourites.

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