Olive trees - Olea

Are you also absolutely smitten with the ultimate Mediterranean atmosphere? Get the instant feeling you are in Italy or Greece, simply by putting an olive tree on your terrace. The popular olive tree (Olea europaea) has a resilient character and looks wonderful, on either a traditional or modern terrace. It also combines beautifully with other typical Mediterranean plants, such as the floriferous Bougainvillea and sweet scenting jasmine and lavender. Olive trees have light-green to greyish leaves and can naturally withstand drought well. Do you want to plant your olive tree in a pot? Then you should water it regularly (depending on the weather). The olive tree is moderately hardy and you can leave it outside in temperatures that are not below -10 °C. However, taking the tree inside for the winter is even better. This way, you can also enjoy the natural atmosphere of the decorative olive tree inside your home during the cold winter months.

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