Outdoor life: choose your garden trend

Outdoor life: choose your garden trend

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Summer is here at last! Choose a spot in your garden or on your terrace and magically transform it into the stuff of dreams. Even just a few items will give it a completely different atmosphere. In our wide collection, there is something for every style. Allow yourself to be inspired by these three great trends!

Trend #1: Indoor-outdoor garden

Turn your terrace or balcony into an extension of the lounge, making it a wonderful place to linger this summer! Have your interior fit in with your outdoor space by making harmonious use of plants/houseplants, flowerpots and accessories. If you have a covered terrace, then the opportunities are even more numerous. After all, everything can stay outside.

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Dare to combine! Flowerpots in azure and mint go really well with grey. A terracotta item here and there will ensure beautiful contrast.

Plants/houseplants are an indispensable part of this trend. Go for striking specimens such as the tropical banana plant or the trendy zamioculcas. A wooden occasional table will complete the look.

Trend #2: Riviera Chic

Do you dream of the French Riviera in your own garden? Simply by placing emphasis on the classic buxus in a spherical shape, high flowerpots in black and white, and a couple of striking summer plants, your imagination will transport you to the elegant and stylish ambience of the south of France! Riviera Chic as a source of inspiration for your terrace or garden.

Create the look

The buxus in a spherical shape in a terracotta (or terracotta-look) pot fits in perfectly with this style. Arrange them in a row for a stylish effect. An eye-catching garden bench, a couple of high pots with Chilean jasmine and citrus trees will add the finishing touches.

Trend #3: The sustainable garden

Green, greener, greenest! The green trend of growing things yourself is firmly entrenched and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. There’s nothing quite like cooking with vegetables, fruit and herbs you’ve grown yourself in your own garden. Whether it's in a sunny corner of your back garden or on the balcony, growing things yourself is easier than you might think. And the icing on the cake is that you can start growing them from early spring until way into the summer!

Create the look

The basis of this trend consists of one or more vegetable garden boxes in which fruit and vegetables are ultimately to be grown. Use the handy Pop-up Greenhouse to protect your plants from the elements.

Limited space? Then a propagator is the answer. Fun conveniences such as the herb tower or a vertical herb garden are handy as well as having a high degree of decorative value.

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