How to turn your backyard into an urban jungle?

How to turn your backyard into an urban jungle?

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Who doesn't want to relax in the garden on hot summer days? And with the right plants, you can easily create a tropical garden. Imagine yourself relaxing in a hammock, with a drink in one hand. You could almost be on holiday at a tropical resort. Below are some tips on creating that ultimate holiday feeling in your very own tropical oasis.

What does an urban jungle look like?

The ongoing urban jungle trend is characterised by the combination of green and wood tones (such as bamboo). Both indoor and outdoor spaces are planted with all kinds of tropical plants. Join this trend and transform your garden into an exotic jungle. You do this by combining a patio area with lots of fresh greenery. The patio area is the ideal spot for creating a relaxation corner. Choose, for example, a lounge set with wood tones and a hammock to relax in. The wooden materials are a perfect match for a jungle theme, and the white of the hammock radiates tranquillity. You can brighten up the seating area with cute hanging baskets filled with Chinese Jasmine, thereby adding splashes of colour to the quiet corner. Rather sit under a covered pergola? Then don't forget to decorate it with greenery. A clematis and passiflora fit in perfectly with this theme and also look beautiful against your wooden pergola. The flowers can also be used as decoration in a cocktail in summer.

Which plants fit into an urban jungle?

An urban jungle, just like a jungle in nature, is characterised by the plants that are in it. That is why your choice of plants is so important. Plants provide the peace and serenity you need in this type of garden. Palms, of course, are a must, for example the Chinese Windmill Palm Under its beautiful fans that provide welcome shade in summer, you can easily imagine that you are somewhere else. To extend the soothing atmosphere to the whole garden, bamboo plants are recommended. These can serve as garden fences and in borders. The non-invasive bamboo fargesia is perfect for this . The shoots of this bamboo only grow upwards and so it will not take over the rest of your garden. Do you prefer a yellow bamboo such as Phyllostachys? Then it's important to know that all bamboos except the fargesia are invasive. Use a root limiter to prevent overgrowth. Perhaps you prefer Mediterranean heat with an olive tree in your garden? Olives are a delicious snack to accompany drinks when you have guests over.

How big and dense will your urban jungle be?

No matter how big or small your outdoor spaces are, you can create your own urban jungle anywhere. You can design your jungle to fit your garden or on your patio or balcony. Choose whether you want a rigid border of wood or bamboo, or a natural border with more stones. It's fun to put it all together yourself. Plant more low-growing plants in the borders. The sturdy mangave is incredibly beautiful and also low maintenance in the garden. This hybrid of the agave and manfreda can withstand heat and cold, and retains its green colour throughout the year. When combined with ornamental grasses such as carex or a garden bromelia, it evokes a dune landscape. Close your eyes and listen. Can you hear the sea behind these dune borders? Complete the border with a small work of art called the hosta. This tropical plant with its leaf pattern is like a painting and will provide a cheerful and striking twist for your green jungle.

A complete tropical haven with the right accessories

Matching flower pots are an absolute necessity when planting your tropical jungle terrace. The style of the pots sets the tone. Rattan baskets are essential for a tropical theme. They also go well with the Chinese Windmill Palm or an olive tree. Terracotta pots are also a good match for this trend, giving a Mediterranean touch to your jungle. Combine them with a citrus tree or a flowering hibiscus for even more colour.

Another soothing addition might be a pond or a mini waterfall. Running water lends the garden a cooling effect and is calming. This summer you could also take a refreshing dip in your garden pond, if you choose. Plant it with lots of oxygen plants for clear and clean water. Create a smooth transition between the bank edge and your jungle garden using marsh and waterside plants. Good examples are Typha or parrot's feather.

If you are inspired to start working on your own tropical jungle garden, then browse through Bakker's extensive range of garden plants and get your hands dirty.

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