7 easy tips for creating a Mediterranean garden, patio or balcony

7 easy tips for creating a Mediterranean garden, patio or balcony

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Are you looking for warm, inviting, but most of all, exotic ambience? With these 7 tips, you can easily transform your garden, patio or balcony into a Mediterranean paradise. The great thing about Mediterranean style is that size doesn’t matter: you can make it work with small gardens and balconies too. All you need to worry about is choosing the right colours and shapes. Spruce up your outdoor space with specific kinds of paving, pots, and of course, the matching plants, citrus trees and palms. How can you do that?

Read our 7 tips:

  1. Start from the ground up. There are many different options for designing your garden. You can choose from different types of tiles, or simply mix and match. Stick to warm colours that have a Mediterranean touch. Not a fan of tiles? Then go for gravel instead.
  2. Round shapes and asymmetrical lines. Mediterranean gardens are known for their round shapes and asymmetrical lines. Try to avoid sleek, modern shapes and straight lines.
  3. Is the floor of your balcony too plain? Are you looking to dress up your boring balcony floor? Throw a red rug or some red fabric over it. This is a simple yet eye-catching solution to a drab floor.
  4. Avoid smooth plastic work and give your walls a rugged look, or plant non-invasive bamboo or reeds in front of them.
  5. Use Mediterranean garden plants. The Mediterranean look, of course, comes from the sea bearing the same name. The gardens there are designed for the region’s heat, so they often contain plants and exotic flowers that handle dry weather well. But what are they? Olive trees, grapevines and lavender are good examples. Lavender isn’t your only option: there are plenty of fragrant plants and herbs that will transport you to the sunny south. Climbing jasmine, rosemary and the strongly scented laurel are all excellent choices.
  6. Flower pots. Your Mediterranean plants will look their best in pots that share their Mediterranean style. Round pots in bright colours or terra cotta work best. Do you have borders in your garden? Give them some Mediterranean flair by using natural stone or mosaic patterns in warm colours.
  7. Accessories. The finishing touches for your Mediterranean garden, patio or balcony are, of course, the accessories! Be sure to create appealing mood lighting and you’ll be able to enjoy your garden, patio or balcony all night long. Exotic plants are fantastic, but it’s nice to add some other touches as well. For instance, you can place tall, round vases in a corner, or complete your sitting area with a colourful outdoor throw rug.

Simply put: A Mediterranean atmosphere is full of round shapes, imperfections and a colour palette of reds, browns and yellows. Once you’re done, you can kick back and enjoy your garden, patio or balcony

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