Everything there is to know about indoor flower bulbs.

Everything there is to know about indoor flower bulbs.

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Every year we look forward to the moment the flower bulbs come out in the spring. But secretly you want to enjoy this beauty in your home earlier. This can be done with flower bulbs for indoor use, or indoor bulbs! They brighten up your home early in the season with fresh colours and delicious scents. Put them in a visible spot in the living room or in the kitchen for an extra feeling of spring in the house!

Which bulbs are suitable for home use?

Many flower bulbs can bloom indoors in a pot. Potted flower bulbs are spring flowering flower bulbs that have gone through an artificial winter. In the nursery, they have been exposed to winter temperatures for several weeks (for example in a large cooling cell). As a result, the bulbs are more likely to emerge earlier and they can be kept in a decorative pot in the house. Well-known flower bulbs for indoor use include impressive amaryllis, fragrant hyacinths and a dry-flowering Colchicum. But tulips and daffodils can also be potted. Pick out your favourite flowers and colours!

How and where do you plant indoor flower bulbs?

There are different methods for growing flower bulbs inside. You can buy many flower bulb types in pots. These bulbs come in a decorative pot and have already experienced 'winter'.

Note: do not put them in a place that is too warm, such as in front of the window or above a heater. Within a few weeks you will have a beautiful, tabletop bouquet. In addition flower bulbs in pots, you also have flower bulbs-in-wax, dry flowering flower bulbs and flower bulbs-in-water.

Dry flower bulbs

Amaryllis and colchicum come as dry-flowering flower bulbs. They bloom beautifully without the need for water or soil. Place the colchicum tuber in a pot or vase in a bright spot. Its ornate flowers will appear soon! After flowering, the tuber can be planted outside and it will multiply. This means that more flowers will come back next year. The amaryllis can also easily bloom as a dry bulb in the living room. The amaryllis bulb has so much vitality in the bulb itself that it can bloom without water or soil! Put the amaryllis bulbs in a bucket of water for the first day and then put them on a beautiful decorative bowl.

Flower bulbs on water

Hyacinths and amaryllis are suitable for growing in water. Put the hyacinths in a hyacinth glass with water as soon as possible after receiving them. Make sure that the bulb is just above the water so it doesn't touch. Now place the hyacinth glass with the bulb in a dark room at about 10-12 °C, in the basement, for example. After a while, the roots will have grown considerably and the bud appears. Once the bud is about 4 cm long, move the hyacinth to a light and fairly cool room. Do not put the hyacinth in the warm living room until the flower bud has grown completely out of the bulb. After about three weeks, the wait will be rewarded with the first flowers! Growing amaryllis in water is a little easier. Place the amaryllis bulb in a special amaryllis glass so the bulb hangs just above the water. Immediately place the amaryllis in water in a bright and warm spot in the living room. Keep the water level approximately the same and change the water when it looks cloudy.

Flower bulbs in pots

Do you want to plant loose bulbs in pots yourself? Then it is important to reproduce the winter period first. First plant the bulbs in a pot with fresh potting soil. Make sure there are holes in the pot to allow any excess water to drain away. Put the pot in a cool place with temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius, such as in the fridge.

Note: Even though flower bulbs tolerate freezing cold fairly well, they do not like it. To protect the bulbs, cover the pot with plastic wrap. Poke some holes in it so that the bulbs get enough air. Large bulbs, such as tulip bulbs, need about 10 weeks of cold. Smaller bulbs such as the crocus need less time in the fridge. Then remove the plastic wrap from the pot and place the flower pot in a light spot. Not in the full sun because then the bulbs get too hot.

How do you take care of indoor flower bulbs ?

Having indoor flower bulbs bloom is very easy. Do you want flowers to bloom around New Year? Then plant the flower bulbs (indoor bulbs) in soil or water in mid-November. The duration of blooming depends on when you place the flower bulbs indoors. If you bring them in as late as possible, they can bloom until the end of spring. Potted flower bulbs are available from November to March. When you put the bulbs on a pot in your warm living room, the cheerful and fragrant flower bulbs will shoot out of the pot! These forced potted flower bulbs will bloom indoors for about two weeks and bring the ultimate feeling of spring home. Make sure that the root ball does not dry out and to water regularly (not on the bulb). No extra nutrients are needed; the flower bulb already contains most of its nutrition.

From January, the potted flower bulbs can also be planted outside. Nice for in borders, in flower pots or flower planters. Because the temperatures are still low outside, the flower bulbs bloom for weeks. Beautiful!

Are you already excited about the spring flowering bulbs?

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