Tulips - Tulipa

Order A-quality flower bulbs from Bakker.com with 100% growing and flowering guarantee. Our tulip bulbs are the largest bulbs in size. That’s how they produce the largest flowers.
We have classic tulips, eccentric or a mix! In every colour. The Rembrandt tulips are classic tulips with spectacular colours. Double-flowered tulips are eccentric. They have an extra layer of petals. We have parrots. Not the birds, but the tulips. Parrot tulips have exotic colours and shapes. The fringed tulips are straight out of a fairytale. The Darwin hybrid and Triumph tulips are gigantic. They have long stems and large flower buds. We also have tulip mixes. For those who just can't choose. Read all about it here: Planting tulip bulbs.
Scroll through our assortment and order your favourite tulip bulbs.

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