Bare rooted: What is it and how to plant?

Bare rooted: What is it and how to plant?

Flower bulbs | 01 March 2021

Bare rooted means the roots of plants are "naked". Our growers remove the roots from the soil when the plants are one year old. The plants have already flowered, so it has had a full year to strenghten. This way you know for sure that the plant is in good condition. Our so-called bare roots are hardy, perennial plants. That means you can have them in your garden all year long.

What are the benefits of bare rooted plants?

Bare rooted plants have some benefits over plants in growers' pots:

  • The roots are extra strong, because of the extra year of growth the plant had at the grower. The first year after planting, the plant is stronger than a plant from a grower's pot.
  • Bare rooted plants root much faster. After planting, the roots immediately have good contact with the earth, which is not the case for plants in grower's pot. For these plants, the ball of the plant has to make contact with the earth first. That's why it can take longer for the plant to start growing.
  • Bare rooted plants start growing more quickly after planting. Plants in a grower's pot actually stand still in their growth process, which could cause illness and loss.
  • The bare rooted plants are less sensitive to dry, cold or wet periods than plants in grower's pot. They suffer little from temperature fluctuations. This is very positive for the growth process and the health of the plant.

At we deliver the roots in bio-based bags. Bio-based bags are made from sugar cane and can be recycled. This results in lower CO2 emissions than biodegradable plastic growers' pots. The bags contain peat. As a result, the roots do not have to go straight into earth after receipt. The bag can be stored in a cool place. Without maintenance.

Bare rooted plants come back stronger than ever

You might wonder if these branches are still alive. These branches are alive for sure! It is understandable that some of our newly purchased bare rooted plants look like dead branches. However, you can enjoy these plants from the moment they start growing. Because of the extra year of growth, these plants come back stronger than ever.

How do we plant bare rooted?

Planting bare rooted is fun and easy to do. Below you can find some tips for planting roots:

1. Planting the roots can be done in flowerpots, garden borders or in full ground.
2. The roots always point down.
3. For a lush bunch of roots, make a hole that is 2x larger than the diameter of the roots. So every root has enough space to grow and none of the roots are bent.

4. Cover the roots with fresh soil, which contains around 60 days of nutritions.
5. Does the root have a branch or a green sprout? Then we let it poke out above.
6. Do you only have 1 large root to place? Then place it "nose" up, just below the soil.

  1. After planting, you only need to water the plant when the soil is dry. Always keep the soil a bit moist to get the best growth. If it does not rain for some days, give some extra water.
  2. You can start fertilising when blooming starts. Use organic garden fertiliser or food pellets, for both roots in pots and in the garden.

When do roots grow and bloom?

The roots emerge when the weather is warm. If you plant the roots in the autumn, it will take a while. The roots form hair roots in that period. If you plant the roots in the spring, they will come up faster. The warm weather will be coming soon. So, you can plant the roots all year round. Except when it's freezing.

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