• Fruit trees
  • Fruit bushes

There are hundreds of different varieties of fruit trees that can be grown in your garden today, from the traditional apple orchard to trendier dwarf varieties, ideal for your patio. It is important to select the fruit tree best suited for your requirements and tastes. A fruit tree produces fruit from its ripened flowers and the term ‘fruit tree’, in horticultural terms, is limited to fruit fit for human consumption. Some fruit trees are self-fertile and can produce a crop of fruit on their own but some will require a pollination partner of a different variety, whilst of the same species, which flower at a similar time. Fruit trees can also be planted in containers, at any time of the year and this is often a more hassle-free method, limiting the growth of the tree.

Fruit bushes are generally standard trees kept small with regular pruning, or trees on dwarfing rootstock. The colourful soft fruit varieties, including thornless hybrids, will not only liven up your planting scheme but also add a productive quality. If you live in a city dwelling, you can still grow mouth-wateringly tasty fruit in a number of varieties. The ever popular strawberries and raspberries can be grown in pots, currant bushes in the border and grape vines on the pergola! The obvious benefit of fruit bushes are that they can be managed without a ladder and can be grown in relatively small areas. Just allow the bush to grow only as large as you can comfortably prune. Your fruit bushes can also save you money by producing abundant crops for many years.