Pruning Sour Cherry

Pruning Sour Cherry

Prunus cerasus

The sap flow of the sour cherry begins in winter. It is better not to prune while the sap flow is still active as this can cause the tree to bleed.

Adult cherry trees should not be pruned in spring before the harvest but in July after the fruits have been harvested.

We recommend removing one quarter of the shoots that have borne fruit, cutting them back to the branch from which they developed. Shoots that grow too rapidly and threaten to constrict the heart of the tree should also be removed.

All low-growing shoots (lower than approx. 75 cm) should in any case be removed.

Young trees can be pruned in spring. When first planted they should be tied to a pole for support and the side branches should then be cut back in spring. The first side branches are known as leaders. They form the main structure of the tree.

In the second spring the three strongest side branches from each leader should be cut back by half. The other side branches should be left intact, with the exception of weak shoots and shoots that are in an unfavourable position, which should be removed entirely.