Pruning stimulates growth and flowering. has an extensive range of shears, saws and secateurs to help you keep your trees, shrubs and perennials trim and compact. If you want a healthy and attractive garden in all seasons of the year, you need robust gardening tools that are clean and sharp. We have tools for all jobs and for all types of trees, shrubs and perennials. See our full range below.



Pruning encourages growth and flowering

Regular pruning is important. There are various reasons why a plant or shrub should be pruned. Some plants go crazy and take over if you don't. Other shrubs and plants need pruning so that they grow and then flower better and more abundantly. It's also important to keep plants, shrubs and trees into a beautiful and tidy shape, also known as topiary. Fruit bushes and trees will give a better and greater harvest if they are pruned regularly at the right times. Pruning isn't something to avoid and with the right tools, it can actually be fun and a quite relaxing job to tackle!
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